Track your ski days

Plan the mountains (or backcountry) you're going to hit first chair, uphill skin or rip the fresh gnar pow.

Two skiis pointing up

Planning your trip

Where should you ski next? How far is the mountain? Any new powder? Any more days left on your pass?

Resort or Backcountry?

Uphill, downhill, bit of both?

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How far is it? Easy directions.

What's the driving time?

Our awesome features
How much is it? Does it have hphill? Camping?

Can you use a season pass? Need to buy tickets? Can I skin uphill? Can I camp at the mountain?

Our awesome features

Any new powder? What's the base depth? Who has the freshest pow pow?

Our awesome features

Track your day

After your day of skinning uphill, straight-lining downhill, navigating un-groomed backcountry or just après skiing, track what you've done. No app draining your battery, no privacy concerns. A simple tracker so you can have fun, but be responsible..... later 😉. Enjoy a hand curated list of ski pass mountains, from Epic to Indy to Ikon to Powder Mountain.

Where did you ski?

Our awesome features

Pricing that doesn't break the bank.

We know winter sports are expensive. So it's less than a beer, less than gas and less than a ticket at Vail 😉.

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Green Circle
$0 / yr
For anyone to get started. Kick the tires.
  • 1 Trip
  • 1 Pass type (Ikon/Epic/etc.)
  • Share trip with friends
  • Weather for your trip
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Most popular

Black Diamond
$100 / yr
For the avid winter enthusiasts to wring out all possible value out of a pass. Also great for busy families!
  • "Unlimited" trips
  • Multiple Pass types (Ikon/Epic/etc.)
  • Organize and share trips with friends and family
  • Dynamic weather reports
  • Import from Strava
  • Add collaborators
  • More features coming soon!
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Don't waste money, keep track, have fun!

Use FirstChair to track where you've skied, where you want to shred next and explore new places to adventure.

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